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Thread: rendering live video

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    rendering live video

    Hello all, im new to OpenGl but eager to learn.

    Quick question, i have a video capture card that comes with an sdk. Using this i have made samples that render the live video to a window. Now im porting it to OpenGl...

    Basically, i specify a list of buffers, with BitmapInfoHeaders and feed them into the cards subsystem. It returns me a pointer to the buffer that i gave it, filled with the video frame.

    I have managed to set up the OpenGl window, can draw some primitives and such. My question is this:

    If i have a pointer to my BitmapBits, and i know the BitmapInfoHeader associated with it, how do i render my frame to my window?

    Thank you for your time, i look forward to your suggestions


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    Re: rendering live video

    Make a texture and apply it to quad.

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