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Thread: GPU Video decoding

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    GPU Video decoding


    is it possible to decoding video on GPU via OpenGL under Windows?
    Maybe using some extensions?

    Thank you

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    Re: GPU Video decoding

    Are you referring to what video player software usually calls hardware acceleration? I always thought that uses different APIs and some dedicated circuitry on the chip (I may well be wrong here, I don't know much about video acceleration techniques).
    I could imagine that it is quite possible to accelerate certain steps of video decompression on the GPU, however like many non-rendering specific tasks it's probably easier to use a compute API (OpenCL or CUDA).

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    Re: GPU Video decoding

    I am referring in particular to the GL_NV_vdpau_interop extension. VDAPU seems a collection of API to off load video decompression to GPU via openGL but it seems it doesn't work for windows. I suspect that, under windows, you only one choice and it is Microsoft's DxVA (DirectX Video Acceleration) API.

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