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Thread: Texture mapping problem

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    Texture mapping problem

    I have drawn a plane with a texture mapped on it. Now when I deform the plane, the texture deforms. Please ignore my poor knowledge.I just want to know, do the texture coordinates automatically map to deformed vertices or I need to do manipulation in texture coordinates to get better output? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Texture mapping problem

    Once you have assigned the texture coordinates to a vertex unless you assign a new value to it, they retain their old value. If you polygon is deforming, naturally the image on it would deform along with it.
    What do u mean by getting better output? The output will be dictated by the filtering settings of ur texture and the resolution of the image you are using as texture.

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    Re: Texture mapping problem

    maybe he is talking about this

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    Re: Texture mapping problem

    Actually I wanted to know the way I am doing texture mapping, is it the proper way or there is a better way of texture mapping when deformation takes place. Resolution of the textured image is quite ok.

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