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Thread: Cloning

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    The reusability of vertex data, cloning if you will, is what I am after.

    Given: Vertex Data with positions and normals of one 3d object ( say a cube).
    How do I render in 1 frame:
    3 cubes, in 3 different positions, in 3 different colors.

    I am writing for the Mac iPad and objects will be rendered with ES2.

    Rick Tschudin

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    Re: Cloning

    Draw the same cube with different modelview matrices and different colors.

    Thought, as you use ES2, you have to do it all in a shader.
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    Re: Cloning

    If instead of 3 you want to draw hundreds of copies of a mesh you may want to look into instancing, i.e. glDrawElementsInstanced and friends.
    It probably makes more sense to ask about that on a ES forum though, as I don't know what API ES supports in that area.

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