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Thread: stuttering movement

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    Re: stuttering movement

    How about creating all the small but frequently used objects from a resouce pool, and free the object is just return it back to the pool. The referrence of such objects will never be 0 so the gc of javascirpt will never be trigered.

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    Re: stuttering movement

    Yeah - I'm doing essentially that already. I maintain arrays of objects that can be marked as "free" or "in use" - and instead of new'ing and deleting, I just flag them. However, if I temporarily need 1000 objects - then only two thereafter, then a lot of memory is wasted.

    But it's better than nothing.

    My problem was actually due to some code hiding down inside a third party matrix library that I hadn't looked at carefully enough. I've since rewritten that code.

    I suspect though that there are things that I may be doing that causes memory to be allocated and free'd in other ways though...stuff like closures are notorious for this kind of 'parasitic' allocation...I'm not using any of those - but I worry about what other hidden stuff there is out there.

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