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Thread: Select only visible vertices

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    Re: Select only visible vertices

    Sadly, the WebGL specification (section 2.1):


    On subsequent calls to getContext() with the ‘webgl’ string, the passed WebGLContextAttributes object, if any, shall be ignored.
    ..which seems to say that if you need to turn Antialiassing off for picking (which you certainly do), there is no way to have it turned on for rendering.

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    Re: Select only visible vertices

    I've read through the mailing list, I think they make it like this is to support interoperability between Webgl libraries. Nevertheless, I still think that this flexibility of changing attributes are essential for most 3D application, should also be a part of Webgl.

    By hey, maybe the working group have their big picture that I haven't seen.

    But really, thanks for your help Steve, my shape segmentation feature is now complete and the performance is acceptable (I'm also been lazy to read through all the pixels on the screen - is a research project after all).

    I'm wonder if any other people working with Webgl or browser based VRML and X3D have actual done this before - allow user to define their own segment on 3D object. Seems to be that I'm the only one who is working on this.

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    Re: Select only visible vertices

    Thanks for sharing your ideas. Newbie here

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