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Thread: texture2D vs textureLOD

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    texture2D vs textureLOD

    Hello Everybody.
    Can anybody explain me in short what is the difference between texture2D and textureLod, and when one should be preferred over the other?


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    Re: texture2D vs textureLOD

    According to

    texture2D has been deprecated in favor of texture. However, if you are targeting GLSL 1.10 , you can still use texture2D.

    texture2D is used in the fragment shader.
    textureLod is used in the vertex shader since the derivatives are not computed. There are no derivatives because a vertex is just a point. You need to select the mipmap yourself.

    Some texture functions (non-“Lod” and non-“Grad” versions) may require implicit derivatives. Implicit
    derivatives are undefined within non-uniform control flow and for vertex shader texture fetches.

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    Re: texture2D vs textureLOD

    Ok, and what is mipmap? (if this question is too stupid fell free not to answer...).

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    Re: texture2D vs textureLOD

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