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Thread: Do big Quads slow down ?

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    Do big Quads slow down ?

    Hi all,

    in my game i just added some walls as quite big quads 800x400.
    at it seems that at some points in my world now thw rendering slows dramaticly down when am looking at at wall with a object beween camara nad the wall...
    are smaller faces are easyer to calculate for opengl ?

    thanx a lot
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    Re: Do big Quads slow down ?

    The scaling of the 4 vertex points makes no difference to OpenGL.
    Your slow down could be down to a fill rate limit on your graphics chipset. It sounds likely that per pixel fragment shading is slow and with such large surfaces to fill it seems to take quite some GPU time to complete.

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    Re: Do big Quads slow down ?

    With another object between the camera and the wall you are also getting some overdraw. This may or may not be a big deal, but it can be alleviated by rendering objects from front to back and enabling backface culling.

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