Hi everyone, have a good time!

Firstly, I want to introduce myself, I'm studing at university of technology in Ho Chi Minh city. This term, I'm going to do my graduation thesis. My intent is porting/implement OpenGL/ES to T-engine board. T-engine is an old logic board used to mobile applications development.It has SH7760 CPU and have 64Mb RAM.

I'm quite new to OpenGL and computer graphics. So it's a little hard to do this work. I've made some research and intended to use some available implements such as Vincent or Meisa or this here.

My question is:
- How hard is implementation/porting OpenGL/ES to new board ?
- Is it legal to use source code mentioned above in my work ( my project is only a graduation thesis, not comercial )?
Thanks every one and sorry about my bad English