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Thread: reg workitems

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    reg workitems

    how to set the number of local work groups
    what we have to set for globalworksize parameter
    and local work size parameter.

    i want to creat a local workgroup size =9;
    wat i have set the above mentioned parameters

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    Re: reg workitems

    If you want N work-groups and each work-group has M work-items,

    Code :
    size_t local_size = M;
    size_t global_size = N * M;
    errcode = clEnqueueNDrangeKernel(myCommandQueue, myKernel, 1, NULL /* offset */, &global_size, &local_size, 0, NULL, NULL);

    Notice that a work-group size of 9 is very small and it will likely impact performance.
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