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Thread: GL10 vs GL11 on Android

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    GL10 vs GL11 on Android

    Hi everyone..

    Specifically, it is about Open GL ES on Android.
    But it should be not much different
    Thereotically, is it legal to mix gl10 and gl11?

    This is what I am doing and I still able to compile and run with no error.

    Code :
    import javax.microedition.khronos.opengles.GL10
    import javax.microedition.khronos.opengles.GL11
    public class MyClass implements Renderer{
    public void onSurfaceCreated(GL10 gl, EGLConfig config){
                 gl.glLightfv(GL11.GL_LIGHT0, GL11.GL_POSITION, myBuffer);

    So, is it legal? will it affect the performance?


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    Re: GL10 vs GL11 on Android

    its legal cause GLES11 is subclass of GLES10 so no problem there

    ? android.opengl.GLES10
    ? android.opengl.GLES11

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    Re: GL10 vs GL11 on Android

    You should not mingle the two APIs, and there should be no reason to do so. You can get any number of un-defined behavior.

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