Hi everyone,

I have a simple test kernel with input/output buffers declared as follows:

Code :
// OpenCL Kernel Function for Hodgkin Huxley integration step
kernel void Exponential(global const double* V_in,  global double* V_out)
   // get index into global data array
   int iGID = get_global_id(0);
   double value = (double) V_in[iGID];
   double exponential = (double) exp((double) value);
   V_out[iGID] = exponential;

My problem is that the code above raises a CL_BUILD_PROGRAM_FAILURE with no details.

If I hardcode the value in the kernel as follows I don't get the error:

Code :
double value = (double) 10;
double exponential = (double) exp((double) value);

There is probably something very basic that I am missing, any help appreciated!