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Thread: Hello?Id like to translate the book "OpenCL Programming Gu"

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    Hello?Id like to translate the book "OpenCL Programming Gu"

    Hello, everyone, to enable more people have a quick access to this technic, I 'd like to translate the "OpenCL Programming Guide" writen by Aaftab Munshi into Chinese.
    As I have no idea how to buy this book.Because buying this book in Amozon is too expensive for me.And for the time being I can't contact the auther and the publisher.
    Has anyone got any idea about this?
    Looking forward to your advice

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    Re: Hello?Id like to translate the book "OpenCL Programming

    I'm not sure if you can...the intellectual property of that book belongs to the publisher/authors, and without their permission, you can't duplicate it, even by translating it.

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