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Thread: using openCL to generate sha2-512 checksums of files

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    using openCL to generate sha2-512 checksums of files

    Hi all, First post.. be gentle.

    I would say I am a junior programmer at best, however I have alot of experience in python and bash scripting. I am currently working on a project that involves the generation of lots sha2-512 and 256 checksums in order fingerprint files for later retrieval. With my regular 2x1.8ghz amd processor this can be a little time consuming. Ive been hearing about the capibilities of openCL and feel its time for me to give this avenue a whirl. I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction towards writing a small script preferably in python (but I wouldnt mind summoning up my 10 year old c++ skills).

    I have the impression that what I want todo is mostly done already, here: ... D52A5.aspx

    but as Im just a lowly scripter Im not sure how I should use this file. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated!


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    Re: using openCL to generate sha2-512 checksums of files

    I believe the code you have posted belongs to a project previously called OpenCL and renamed to Botan since the inception of the OpenCL parallel language.
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