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Thread: Scene Snap Back effect

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    Scene Snap Back effect

    Hi folks,
    I have a question for you. I could not really find anything on this matter. (maybe i searched with wrong keywords)
    I have a scene with a model. So, now if you pan out of a "bounding" box, in a way that the model is not completely visible anymore and you release the mouse button, the scene should "bounce" or "snap" back to the previous position where the complete model was visible. That should happen with a nice, slick and smooth animation with some easing.
    Example for the html5 canvas: canvas demo
    Hope this helps to illustrate what i want.

    I have zero experience in OpenGl programming. I just want to know if that is possible and some hints on how to do it (maybe an example if availible). And if it is complicated and requires a lot of effort.
    Or if anyone knows plugins or extensions that allow this, that would also be appreciated.

    Thank you for your help gyus.

    Best Regards.

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    Just smoothly change (interpolate) your camera parameters.

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    So there is no plugin or extension availibele that could do this for me?
    Thats a shame

    So basicallt i have to create something like a bounding box and every time the camera goes out of these bounds I interpolate it back to it's previous position.

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