I'm part of a group of developers of open-source library for volume data processing. We're using (amongs others) OpenCL for computations on GPUs. We're using openSUSE's Open Build Service (OBS) for creating packages for various Linux distributions. Our problem is that OpenCL drivers are proprietary and thus unavailable at OBS forcing us to omit OpenCL version of the library from building/packaging.

Upon inspecting the OpenCL drivers present at our systems (from AMD & nVidia) we observed, that libOpenCL.so library contains just code for localising of ICD files installed in the system and redirecting the requests to library with real implementation (it seems to do only and just this).

If this library (libOpenCL.so) was to be released as open-source, it would be possible to build and distribute OpenCL applications without need of any proprietary library or application. To execute the OpenCL application, some full-featured implementation of the OpenCL standard would be still necessary.

My question is, whether it would be possible to open-source your code (just this one library - libOpenCL.so)? I have already written to the AMD and they replied that libOpenCL.so is owned by Khronos.