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Thread: clBuildProgram pfn_notify

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    clBuildProgram pfn_notify

    The OpenCL spec states that when using pfn_notify, "clBuildProgram does not need to wait for the build to complete and can return immediately".

    But if the call returns immediately, how can i find out whether the program was successfully built or not? There is no such thing as a cl_int passed as argument to the callback to indicate the success of the compilation.

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    Re: clBuildProgram pfn_notify

    The pfn_notify function you specified will be called when the program build has finished. You can then query the build status to see if the program was built successfully or not.

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    Re: clBuildProgram pfn_notify

    More specifically, you want to call clGetProgramBuildInfo(..., CL_PROGRAM_BUILD_STATUS, ...);
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