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Thread: Automatic Load-balancing compiler?

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    Automatic Load-balancing compiler?

    I am beginner for parallel compilers.
    I am looking for any compiler or utility for automatic detection and compilation for parallelizable code segments.
    For example, if the compiler found a simple "for" loop,
    I imagine that the compiler can detect whether it can be effectively executable on OpenCL-devices or not. Then, it can generate OpenCL kernel code or otherwise CPU-executable codes, automatically. (or, using LLVM, it can be somewhat easier.)
    But, I found that typical CUDA or OpenCL compilers need the explicit marking on the parallel kernel codes.

    Do you know any information on this kind of automatic parallelization and/or compilers?
    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Automatic Load-balancing compiler?

    My guess is that this technology is too young, thus far, for such embellishments.

    I don't see why something like this would not work, at least in many common situations. But, since some vendors are still working out bugs in their implementations of 1.0, I think we have a while to wait for such intelligent tools....

    But, eventually, I think yes!

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