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Thread: VAO & VBO help!

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    Post VAO & VBO help!

    Hi guys,

    This may sound like a stupid question, but here goes; I have a single VAO and single VBO in my renderer. Right now when I wish to draw my primitives I update the VBO data and push to the GPU for shaders.

    Am I able to use only one VBO? It seems the only object that renders on the screen is the last update made to the VBO. This leads me to believe that I should have multiple VBOs.

    Would it be best for me to create a new VBO whenever that data needs to be updated and then have the code check if that VBO exists already otherwise create a new one?

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    I depends on how you render objects. A draw call will render the current content of the vbo so if you use a sequence like

    modify vbo
    draw vbo
    modify vbo
    draw vbo
    swap buffer

    you will be able to draw 2 objects with one vbo.

    Normally you use multiple vbo/vao sets. At least 1 for static objects and 1 for each object whose vertices you modify.

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    We currently do handle rendering that way, update/draw all objects and then swap the buffers, however it doesn't seem to be behaving that way and only renders the last set of data sent.

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