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Thread: Too many images?

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    Too many images?

    I use NVIDEA OpenCL version.
    My kernel requied array of 2D images as input parameter. Since current version does not support arrays of images I use each one as separate parameter.

    __kernel void blabla(__write_only image2d_t out_view0,
    __write_only image2d_t out_view1,
    __write_only image2d_t out_view2,
    __write_only image2d_t out_view3,
    __write_only image2d_t out_view4,
    __write_only image2d_t out_view5,
    __write_only image2d_t out_view6,
    __write_only image2d_t out_view7,
    The code works fine in case I have only 8 images. In case I try to increace the number I get the error

    ptxas fatal : More than 8 surfaces used in entry function 'blabla'
    I have another kernel that uses 16 2D read only images as input and it works fine.
    Do anybody have exponation what does it mean?

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    Re: Too many images?

    Blog (in russian)

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    Re: Too many images?

    Elaborating a little on what Maxim said, you want to call clGetDeviceInfo() and pass CL_DEVICE_MAX_WRITE_IMAGE_ARGS as the argument.
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