Hello I've been quite interested in WebGL for quite some time now and I was getting annoyed of the lack of plugin support or older script comparability new 3D Applications are doing these days, so I went ahead and wrote a program that converts OBJ(wavefront) 3D model format to the JSON format and can do the other way around. I wanted to write something you don't need to write or have your artists/programmers spending more time writing plugins just to get a model going on the screen.

* Drag and drop support on executable.
* Easy to use program.
* Converts OBJ to JSON
* Converts (converted)JSON to OBJ

Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Win7
Mac OS X 10 (Not Available Unless Requested)

Download Program for Windows (.zip)

Download Source Code [Visual Studio 2008 C++] (.zip)

Please post comments, suggestions, questions and what have you here or to my email.