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Thread: clBuildProgram Problem?

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    clBuildProgram Problem?

    I'm having problems with clBuildProgram on Nvidia cards. I don't know if it's crashing or what exactly but the same kernels work fine on AMD.

    I'm using the JOCL wrapper and when I call clBuildProgram it just never returns. Thus I can't get any build log or error code to help determine what's happening. No exceptions are thrown.

    Apple OSX 10.6.8 AMD Radeon HD 6750M: works fine
    Apple OSX 10.6.8 Nvidia GeForce GT 120: never returns
    Windows XP Nvidia GTX295: never returns

    On Windows I've tested both 275 and 280 drivers with no success. The OpenCL examples from the Nvidia OpenCL SDK run fine.

    How do I find out exactly what is going on, please?

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    Re: clBuildProgram Problem?

    well, you will have to find out if its a combination of your kernel+a driver bug or a problem in the java binding layer between you and the CL driver.

    Since you mentioned the low level call clBuildProgram you are probably using jocl from There is also JOCL as bundled in which uses the same binding tech as found in JOGL or JOAL.

    you could also try to compile your kernel in C to exclude the bug in the binding... (or use a tool if you find one)

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