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Thread: [BUG] cl::BufferRenderGL not derived from cl::Image

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    [BUG] cl::BufferRenderGL not derived from cl::Image

    Hi everyone,

    on the OpenCL 1.1 quick reference card it says that clCreateFromGLRenderBuffer 'returns' a CL Image Object.
    In the OpenCL C++ Wrapper library cl::BufferRenderGL is derived from cl::Buffer.

    I understand that the underlying structure is almost the same, but a opengl renderbuffer has size information attached to it which can be queried. The same is possible if you call the clGetImageInfo on the cl::BufferRenderGL.

    In my eyes cl::BufferRenderGL should be derived from cl::Image as it would allow direct access to image information.

    Kind regards,

    Is this the right place to post opencl bugs?

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    Re: [BUG] cl::BufferRenderGL not derived from cl::Image

    I also think this is a bug. Will someone confirm this?

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    Re: [BUG] cl::BufferRenderGL not derived from cl::Image

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