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Thread: glLinkProgram throws an INVALID_VALUE without errors.

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    [SOLVED]glLinkProgram throws an INVALID_VALUE without errors.

    Hello everyone,
    i'm trying to understand why my code throws an INVALID_VALUE when trying to link a successful attached set of shaders to a program.
    I've checked the specifications and it seems that INVALID_VALUE is thrown only when the parameter specified is not a program created by OpenGL, but i'm quite sure it is.

    The odd thing is that with NVIDIA drivers v.310 the problem disappears.
    The code is the following:
    Code :
    	GLint linkStatus;
    	glGetProgramiv(m_programId, GL_LINK_STATUS, &linkStatus);
    	m_linked = (linkStatus == GL_TRUE);
    		GLint logLength;
    		glGetProgramiv(m_programId, GL_INFO_LOG_LENGTH, &logLength);
    		char* log = new char[logLength];
    		GLsizei length;
    		glGetProgramInfoLog(m_programId, logLength, &length, log);
    		m_linkLog = log;
    		delete[] log;
    		m_linkLog = "";
    	return m_linked;

    But glGetProgramiv(m_programId, GL_LINK_STATUS, &linkStatus); returns GL_TRUE, and if i check the INFO_LOG anyways it's always

    Any suggestions?


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    Seems like compiling an empty GEOMETRY_SHADER and linking it to the program raises an INVALID_VALUE but the LINK_STATUS and INFO_LOG are empty.
    Should i report this to NVIDIA?

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