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Thread: webgl and iphone

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    webgl and iphone

    Is possible to view a webgl web html5 application with iphone?
    What are the models of iphone that support webgl ?
    What browsers support webgl in iphone?
    and how do I turn it on in browsers that support it?

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    Re: webgl and iphone

    I have similar questions, but basically, is it supported?

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    Re: webgl and iphone

    Only for add developers according to

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    Re: webgl and iphone

    WebGL will not be publicly available in iOS 5. It will only be available to iAd developers. Chris Marrin, WebKit Engineer
    Read the article on

    You can read about WebGL on iOS in

    And take a look to the chart available on

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    Re: webgl and iphone

    This is an interesting question. I like ubercoder post on Apple forum : ... 0&tstart=0

    In a resume : why would Apple allow webGL on Safari, as many developpers would leave the AppStore, and so Apple would lose :
    % on paid games
    % on InApp purchases
    developpers license

    So I totally +1 on ubercoder : Apple will never port webGL on the iPhone. This is of course a personal idea.

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