Hello there!

Now i use code like that:
Code :
 fp=fopen("mandel.cl", "r"); /*open file with OCL programm*/
 source_str = (char*)malloc(MAX_SOURCE_SIZE);
 source_size = fread(source_str, 1, MAX_SOURCE_SIZE, fp);
<some code>
 program = clCreateProgramWithSource(context, 1, (const char **)&source_str, (const size_t *)&source_size, &ret);
 clBuildProgram(program, 1, &device_id, NULL, NULL, NULL);
 kernel = clCreateKernel(program, "mandel", &ret); /*"mandel" -- __kernel function in "mandel.cl"*/
I know that CUDA didn't need for an external file. OpenCL can do without an external source file?