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Thread: My program is not recognizing glew.h

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    My program is not recognizing glew.h

    Hi everyone, I am new to OpenGL and I am still working on linking the glut.h and glew.h to my Codeblocks. I linked glut successfully but glew is giving me problems. I have followed all the instructions as outlined on the openGl site but still when I compile my programs I get the error "fatal error: #include <glew.h> no such file exist" please assist

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    it's obviously not in your include path. My glass ball is very cloudy, can you show us your compile log and tell us where you put the header?

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    If everything else fails, you can just download glew.h and include it in your source folder, and use it via [#include "glew.h"] (at least that's how I do it)

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