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Thread: Accessing array values from a shader

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    Accessing array values from a shader

    Suppose I have an array variable in a shader, declared in a shader storage block:

    Code :
    layout(std430, binding = 2) buffer MyBuffer
      float lotsOfFloats[];

    and a struct:

    Code :
    struct myStruct
     float f1;
     vec3 vf1;

    Is there a way to "quickly" initialize an object of this structure in a shader using the values in the array in a buffer storage block ( in the lotsOfFloats array in this example)? Say, in C++ one can copy memory from the array to the object:

    Code :
    memcpy(&struct1, &lotsOfFloats[0], sizeof(myStruct) );

    Or one can byte copy array values to the object through assignment:

    Code :
    struct1 = *(myStruct*)&lotsOfFloats[0];

    Is there a similar way in GLSL? E.g. will work the second way (byte copy assignment) in GLSL?

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    Well, as has been advised elsewhere, the solution to this question is that one can pass to a shader already formatted data (array of structs) instead of raw floats.

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