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Thread: Change logo of OpenGl window

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    Change logo of OpenGl window


    How can I change the logo of the openGL window opened?

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    Use a good OpenGL context creation library like SFML, or a better than GLUT library like SDL

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    The "logo" of the window completely depends on your window system. Not every system that offers an OpenGL(R) implementation has a concept of windows
    with a titlebar or a keyboard for input.

    The OpenGL(R) specification is only concerned with rendering. Creating a "window" or similar system dependend object and telling the operating system that
    you want to do OpenGL(R) rendering is not part of OpenGL(R) and left as a task to the user. Operating Systems that offer OpenGL(R) rendering typically
    have their own custom API for that.

    You could use the operating/window system API yourself (e.g. WinAPI on Windows(R), Xlib on UNIX(R) with X11, etc...), or a library that handles the task for
    you (GLFW, SFML, etc...).

    Some of those libraries might have the neccessary abstract functions to set a logo asociated with a window.

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