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Thread: Allocate __private memory inside a kernel

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    Allocate __private memory inside a kernel


    I need to do something like this inside a kernel:
    Code :
    __private mytype* next_item = (mytype*)malloc(sizeof(mytype));
    However, I'm getting this error out of the clGetProgramBuildInfo call:
    Code :
    kernel referenced an external function malloc, that could not be found.
    (interestingly, I only get this on my MacBook Pro, but not my newer iMac, which gives me a frustratingly blank error log...)

    Do I need to use a special on-chip memory allocation system? If so, where is this documented? googling "opencl malloc" doesn't give you too many useful results.



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    Re: Allocate __private memory inside a kernel

    apologies, I was under the impression that you could use __private memory on-device within one processing unit.

    I shall duly rewrite my kernel code to stop it using any kind of dynamic array :/

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