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Thread: What format should I use to store 3D models?

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    What format should I use to store 3D models?

    I'm in doubt... What format should I use to store 3D models for its use in showing with OpenGL+C++? OBJ format is a pain to index vertexes, UVs and normals with a single VAO. Plus, it's a text format.
    Are there good libraries to open these files as float and int std::vectors too?

    For the moment being, it's just to show a model, but I plan in doing more things.

    Thanks in advance.

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    well there is not really the ONE format you should use ...
    Of course there are a lot of libs, but its always a good idea to think about :"what mesh data do i need ? "
    As there are so many things in 3D Data that you may not use ..
    So i always come up with a array structure for a programm... and its mostly like
    v1, v2, v3,
    n1, n2, n3,
    and than you could write youself a little converter to get obj files into that structure.

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