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Thread: Bindless textures support

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    Bindless textures support

    Hi All,

    I'm trying to run some examples on bindless textures on Windows 7, and my GPU[NVIDIA GT 630] doesn't seem to support it.
    I installed the latest drivers, and I checked the supported extensions via GPU caps viewer. GL_NV_bindless_texture isn't listed among them! According to
    THIS it should support GL_NV_bindless_texture. Anyone faced similar issues?


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    Does it support ARB_bindless_texture? Are you creating a core profile context of OpenGL, or are you going with compatibility?

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    I'm running the GL samples pack by Christophe:
    It's using the Core profile.
    It lists ARB_bindless_texture as not supported as well :/

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    You need a Kepler- or Maxwell-based Nvidia GPU to use bindless textures (GK or GM GPUs), which is generally the 600 series and up. However, the low-end 600 series still has some Fermi-based GPUs which don't support bindless texturing. Even worse, the GT 630 has several variants based on both Fermi and Kelper. My guess is that you have a Fermi-based GT630. You're guarenteed to get support for bindless if you get a 650-690, 700, 800M or 900 series GEforce.

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