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Thread: Failed to build

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    Failed to build

    Hi All!

    I get the following error while compiling my CL file:

    ERROR: Error: Cannot yet select: 0x858aae0: i64,flag = adde 0x858a8e0, 0x8581eb0, 0x858a9e0:1 [ID=53]

    Any idea whats causing this?

    Here is my code:

    thanks in advance,

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    Re: Failed to build

    'k' is never set to anything in prog1. The compiler error is probably because of that.

    But I gotta say, your iszero() function is awesome in it's badness

    ... try (all(u == 0)) instead. See section 6.12.6 of the specification for other possible functions.

    You can also do ulong16 fpres = 0 to set every element to 0, you don't need to set them individually.

    The code itself is questionable anyway - e.g. every work item is working on the same global index. The point of global indices is that they should identify unique data so the work items do not conflict.

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