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Thread: Searching for non 0 values in a sparse array

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    Searching for non 0 values in a sparse array

    Hi all,

    I have a simple question regarding the best way to solve my problem.
    Let's say that I have a 2D array A on the device, and that this array contains (after some computations done by some kernels) mainly values at 0 and few different from 0.
    What I need is to find the index idx in the array (and the corresponding value) so that A[idx]!=0.

    So far, I transfer the array from the device to the host memory, and I process the array with a basic for loop to solve my problem.
    The problem is that with this method, the memory transfer costs a lot and the serial function is not very efficient. I was thinking that maybe I could do the search on GPU and then transfer a small amount of information back since my array is sparse?

    What do you think about it?
    Any suggestions?

    Thanks and happy new year


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    Re: Searching for non 0 values in a sparse array

    What you want to do is called a pack operation which can be achieved with a parallel prefix sum. Googling those two terms will give you other sources of information.
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