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Thread: pow precision

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    pow precision


    I noticed that pow(t, 3.3333334e-1f) in OpenCL and std:ow(t, 3.3333334e-1f) do not always yield the same result, even if I use the CPU as the OpenCL device.

    I understand the OpenCL is very strict in precision issues so I suspect that the problem is with the std version.
    Is there a CPU equivalent for OpenCL pow that will always yield the same result?

    (t is a float and is always > 0.00856451679f)

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: pow precision

    try using powr(x,y) function on the gpu......

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    Re: pow precision

    It turns out that the problem was in a previous function, where one of the compilers make some optimization for float constants and the other don't.

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