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Thread: OpenGL 1.x android 3d surface plot

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    OpenGL 1.x android 3d surface plot

    My requirement is to create a 3d surface plot(should also display the x y z axis) from a list of data points (x y z) values.The 3d visualization should be done on ANDROID.

    Is there any open GL 1.0 tutorials,examples in opengl for android (java) ?

    I would like to know the best way to achieve this? Any materials that could be useful for me?

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    Re: OpenGL 1.x android 3d surface plot

    Hi there guys, I too have exactly this requirement.

    Info4project, if you would like to collaborate with me on the creation of this, I'd be delighted to work with you.

    Anyone else ... I too would be delighted to work with all to build out this function.

    Post back and we can start to make some progress.


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