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Thread: Transferring Data from Host to Device

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    Transferring Data from Host to Device

    I am working on a framework which generates OpenCL code automatically from Java Code based on certain input.

    So the number of device variables generated are going to be different for each case.
    Is there a way to transfer those variables from Host to Device without passing them as arguments to the kernel as otherwise I would have to set the kernel arguments manually for each case.

    I have been using ClCreateBuffer, ClEnqueueWriteBuffer and ClSetKernelArg to do it manually.
    I wanted to know if there is any way like CUDA where I can create a variable in the host side and just do cudaMemcpytoSymbol to access it in the kernel code.


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    Re: Transferring Data from Host to Device

    couldnt get the exact picture of wat ur trying to say....
    post a sample code that better depicts.....

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