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Thread: clCreateContext with CGL_SHAREGROUP returns -30

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    clCreateContext with CGL_SHAREGROUP returns -30

    Hi, please do you have some ideas that why I'm getting error code -30 (CL_INVALID_VALUE )?

    - macbook pro, 10.7.2
    - GL_SHARING_EXTENSION supported

    Code :
    CGLContextObj kCGLContext = CGLGetCurrentContext();
    CGLShareGroupObj kCGLShareGroup = CGLGetShareGroup(kCGLContext);
    cl_context_properties props[] =
    context = clCreateContext(props, 0, 0, 0, 0, &errCode);

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    Re: clCreateContext with CGL_SHAREGROUP returns -30

    You have to use the man pages to interpret these.

    i.e.: ... ntext.html


    clCreateContext returns a valid non-zero context and errcode_ret is set to CL_SUCCESS if the context is created successfully. Otherwise, it returns NULL value with the following error values returned in errcode_ret:

    * CL_INVALID_VALUE if context property name in properties is not a supported property name; if devices is NULL; if num_devices is equal to zero; or if pfn_notify is NULL but user_data is not NULL.

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