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Thread: clSetKernelArg in loop CL_OUT_OF_RESSOURCES

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    clSetKernelArg in loop CL_OUT_OF_RESSOURCES


    I have to pass kernel arguments in a loop.

    for (...)
    //running the kernel


    after a while, clWaitForEvents return CL_OUT_OF_RESSOURCES on windows.
    It works just fine on mac and linux.

    I supposed a driver problem, even with the lastest one!

    Does someone else had that kind of problem?


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    Re: clSetKernelArg in loop CL_OUT_OF_RESSOURCES

    Is it possible that you are forgetting to release some resources in that loop? For example, did you remember to call clReleaseEvent() for those events you waited for?
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    Re: clSetKernelArg in loop CL_OUT_OF_RESSOURCES

    Yes the event is released, but after a quick check it seems that it is eventualy a timeout problem...

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