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Thread: Rotation About An Axis

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    Rotation About An Axis

    I want to Rotate my object around it's axis , i.e i want to create a fan like rotation

    But i am not able to get the desired effect

    The following it's the code:

    Matrix4f matrix = new Matrix4f();
    Matrix4f.translate(translation, matrix, matrix);
    Matrix4f.rotate((float) Math.toRadians(rx), new Vector3f(1,0,0), matrix, matrix);
    Matrix4f.rotate((float) Math.toRadians(ry), new Vector3f(0,1,0), matrix, matrix);
    Matrix4f.rotate((float) Math.toRadians(rz), new Vector3f(0,0,1), matrix, matrix);
    Matrix4f.scale(new Vector3f(scale,scale,scale), matrix, matrix);

    My vertex code:

    vec4 worldPosition = transformationMatrix * vec4(position,1.0);
    vec4 positionRelativeToCam = viewMatrix*worldPosition;
    gl_Position = projectionMatrix *positionRelativeToCam;

    Main Game Loop:


    Rotating Along Z axis also make by object cange it's y and x position thus making it revoving with rotation.
    But, it's not rotating along it's own axis. What am I missing here?
    Please Help

    Full Code -
    sample image -

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    Try moving it to the origin and then rotating it and then moving it back.

    You can easily wind up with an orbit instead of a rotation. That's one way of dealing with it, and probably not my first choice these days, but it works and it's in line with what you are currently doing.

    These days I would probably reverse the order of multiplication in the matrix operations, but you're not doing the matrix math yourself and so that's obfuscated to where you can't get to it.

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