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Thread: What do I read to understand WebGL?

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    What do I read to understand WebGL?

    I am very new to WebGL and am extremely interested in doing some projects with it. I downloaded the OpenGL ES 2.0.25 manual to learn an much as I can. Of course, going to the actual spec for WegGL: I see all of the references to OpenGL ES 2.0 manual pages. I take it that I must read those manual pages to truly understand what WebGL is/is doing. Is this true?

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    Re: What do I read to understand WebGL?

    We need to be patient. Serious WebGL books are coming out in a few months, especially an edition by O'Reilly.
    Check Amazon to see the future releases.

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    Re: What do I read to understand WebGL?

    If you know OpenGL and JavaScript, WebGL is quite a small learning curve, so I'd recommend starting there.

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    Re: What do I read to understand WebGL?

    The tutorials at are a good place to start.

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