I work in a big HW vendor, in our project context, we have to map a video HD in a WebGL texture on WebGL/WebKit . Unfortunately, texture2D dependents on the OpenGL ES driver and most of the time copy the texture using the CPU. Consequently, we have a bad performance, hight cpuload and low frame rate.

So to work around this issue, we have implemented a WebKit extension that exposes in a JS Object (WebGLImageKHR), Egl ImageKHR surfaces functionalities that it inherited from the regular Extension EGL ImageKHR.

This solves perfectly the issue a provides a high frame rate and low cpuload (assuming the Video PlayBack and Canvas drawImage is accelerated) .

The question is:
Do you think this extension has an interest be registered as a regular extension? We have a functional source code available on Webit/Documentation/testBench.
If yes, How to proceed ?