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Thread: Selection 3d objects OpenGL ES 1.x

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    Selection 3d objects OpenGL ES 1.x

    How can I select an object in a world?

    color picking is not working, the device sadly come with incorrct datas.

    How can I do ray cast to do that?


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    Re: Selection 3d objects OpenGL ES 1.x

    Why is the device giving you incorrect data?

    There are some state changes you should do to make sure you get the exact correct color values when doing picking: ... r.htm#0040

    GL_DITHER is for example something that is easy to forget.

    If that did not work, im afraid you have to implement something on the CPU-side, such as encapsule your objects in spheres, AABBs or OBBs and then do some raytracing, or do it directly with the triangles if you need perfect matches

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