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Thread: WebGL up and running book

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    WebGL up and running book

    The link on Khronos goes to O'Reilly and it says that the book is to be released this month.
    I went in Amazon and they say that the book will be online in July... There's quite a difference. Plus, the animals illustrated are not the same so will WebGL be a medusa or a goat?

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    Re: WebGL up and running book

    Hi All! The book is out really for realz. Order it on Amazon or O'Reilly's site.

    There are Kindle and eBook versions too!


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    Re: WebGL up and running book

    Thanks Tony,

    We'll post your book in our book section on our site as well, and do a news announcement. If you ever have Khronos technology related news, feel free to forward directly to me.


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