I am new to parallel programming. Till now I have learned about CUDA( ||el programming language for NIVIDIA GPU) , OpenCL (for AMD streams, Nividia and Intel). I have installed AMD APP SDK on Windows and Fedora 16. But as I am not having Visua Studio for windows and some graphics incompatibility with fedora. I am trying OpenCL with Intel CPU.

I am having Intel i3 core processor.So I have installed Intel SDK for OpenCL on windows 7(64-bit). I am unable to run OpenCL samples as visual studio is not installed on my system.But I want to start with OpenCL programming using Intel Offline Compiler. I have read user guide and know how to build, show Assembly code etc. using it.

Now I need to know how to write OpenCL simple program code and to execute it using Offline Compile e.g. a simple vector addition code.Can anyone help me to find resource for guidance?

I have read and understood this:http://opencl.codeplex.com/wikipage?...orials%20-%201

Still I didn't get how to run a comlete single program code in Intel Offline Compiler. I want to write and executable program.