Where/how is the best place/way to add OpenCL kernel source code to a C++ Win32 console project in Visual Studio 2010? I want to edit the kernel source code in VS2010 and then when I compile (Debug or Release) have it accessed automatically without me having to copy and paste the current kernel into the respective executable's directory. Thanks!

BTW, I originally posted this under Microsoft‘s Visual Studio forum and had it modded off-topic and (re)moved:
“Moved by DanielMoth Microsoft Employee 1 hour 38 minutes ago We do not support OpenCL questions in the Microsoft forums. (From:Parallel Computing in C++ and Native Code)“

I know Microsoft has their own competing technology, but I feel that was a bit extreme to not even allow other non-Microsoft employee forum members to view and respond to my post in the original posting area. Anyways, hoping for much warmer reception here. Thanks again!