I'm working on a seminar paper about potential of GPUs at performing image processing related algorithms. I've wrote a simple testing program, but I do not have resources to test it. All I have is a laptop with GeForce 9500M GS, and its not enough. I need help from someone with a good GPU. Program is written in C++ for Unix platform (tested on Mac and Ubuntu). Program also requires libpng, png++ and OpenCL dev files. If there is someone with those requirements (or willing to install those few libs) and a little of goodwill, I would really appreciate it. All you need to do is run 'make', then 'make run' and post results here (with your CPU/GPU specs). Try testing few times to get average results. Once again, I would really appreciate if someone could help.

Here is source. For more info consult README. https://www.dropbox.com/s/hyush0uci9m1wuz/seminar.zip