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Thread: OpenGL shaders not properly rendering from buffers

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    OpenGL shaders not properly rendering from buffers


    This is my first time posting here. I am currently trying to develop on OpenGL (ft. GLFW) program in C. My intent with this program is to render a series of 2-dimensional squares in a window, that will all be different colors. I set the default background color to a neon blue color for error testing. Also, before I set-up the color-chaning code, I set all of the squares to a full-blue color to make sure it worked. However, rather than a full-blue screen, I saw a neon-blue screen. I believe that either my shaders are disfunctional or I have improperly set up my buffers for reading. I am relatively new to OpenGL, so I don't know how to properly feed buffers into my shaders. What am I doing wrong?

    Here is my source code:

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    Not sure here if there isn't a default VAO but i didn't see you generating one. Try adding one before buffer creation
    Code :
    GLuint VAO;
    glCreateVertexArrays(1, &VAO);

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    Quote Originally Posted by ProgrammerX View Post
    Not sure here if there isn't a default VAO
    The code uses the core profile:
    Code :
    which doesn't have a default VAO.

    glVertexAttribPointer() and glEnableVertexAttrib() array should both generate GL_INVALID_OPERATION errors if called when no VAO is bound.

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