Now i am working on multi textures and trying to move one texture and keep one constant. dont know how to do? can you put some light on it.

I have done multitexturing created two gl_Position and texcoordinates for both images

and multiplied gl_Postion of one of the texture with urmatrix and which is a rotation matrix and updated the urmatrix so only texture rotates but both the textures are rotating

pls help me out with it

Thank you

my vertex and fragment shaders are

UserData *userData = esContext->userData;
GLbyte vShaderStr[] =
"attribute vec4 a_position0; \n"
"attribute vec4 a_position1; \n"
"attribute vec2 a_texCoord0; \n"
"varying vec2 v_texCoord0; \n"
"attribute vec2 a_texCoord1; \n"
"varying vec2 v_texCoord1; \n"
"uniform mat4 urMatrix; \n"

"void main() \n"
"{ \n"
" gl_Position = a_position0; \n"
" gl_Position = a_position1*urMatrix; \n"

" v_texCoord0 = 1.0*a_texCoord0; \n"
" v_texCoord1 = 1.0*a_texCoord1; \n"
"} \n";

GLbyte fShaderStr[] =
"precision mediump float; \n"
"varying vec2 v_texCoord0; \n"
"varying vec2 v_texCoord1; \n"
"uniform sampler2D s_baseMap; \n"
"uniform sampler2D s_lightMap; \n"
"void main() \n"
"{ \n"
" vec4 baseColor; \n"
" vec4 lightColor; \n"
" \n"
" baseColor = texture2D( s_baseMap, v_texCoord0 ); \n"
" lightColor = texture2D( s_lightMap, v_texCoord1 ); \n"
" gl_FragColor = (baseColor) * (lightColor+0.25 ); \n"

Thank you once again