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Thread: Failed to get PlatformID

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    Failed to get PlatformID

    when I'm executing
    Code :
    clGetPlatformIDs (0, NULL, &num_platforms);
    I'm getting the following error on my laptop:
    Error -1001 in clGetPlatformIDs Call !!!
    But on my PC it works fine!
    My Laptop is running with optimus (I'm working under Linux, using bumblebee)
    Any suggestions? What could be wrong?
    Thanks in advice

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    Re: Failed to get PlatformID

    You know, I came to the forums right now to ask about this same issue. I am running arch, been developing in OpenCL for a while now with no problems. Then I upgraded arch... now I get this problem and NONE of my previous programs work. Checked the packages and all seem fine; it shows that I still have my NVIDIA vendor active...

    Same error code, same problem.

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